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Are you looking for UK based J2EE hosting or J2EE support?
- With programmers and system adminstrators who code and know Java,
- Private JVM to run your Tomcat / JBoss / app server with no heap restriction,
- Full SSH access giving you full control over your environment,
- A private filesystem dedicated to you and only accessible by you,
- And the very latest releases of all Java components, including Java 6?
- With support options which cover J2EE apps running on your servers.
Our history as working Java programmers has given us extensive experience of managing, hosting, coding and supporting J2EE applications. We embrace the very best Open Source technology can offer to provide a rock solid technical infrastructure for our hosting plans, with Linux, Apache, JBoss™, Tomcat, Mysql and Postgres forming the foundation of our hosting infrastructure. Building on this background we have expertise with many of the widely used Java components such as hibernate, struts, ejb3 and spring. We believe we offer the broadest range of application servers and we were the first ISP to fully support Geronimo and Glassfish. In fact as far as we know we are the only Java ISP to support these!
And we take our network just as seriously - a redundant pair of Cisco core routers in our Redbus presence.
Open Source Support Virtual Servers Dedicated Servers
> Tomcat/JBoss™
> Full J2EE support
> Private JVM
> Latest releases - JDK6/Tomcat 6
> Now supporting Geronimo and Glassfish
> From £22.99 per month
> Tomcat/JBoss™
> Linux
> Apache
> Ongoing/incident plans
> Support from £49.99 per incident
> Root Access
> Fully J2EE Ready
> Tomcat/JBoss™
> Fully virtualised
> From £46.99 per month
> Fully J2EE Ready
> Dell hardware
> Unlimited domains
> 'Hands on' intelligent support
> From £99.99 per month
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